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We love where you’re at...we’ve been there too. Coming up with the idea, building product, the tech, growing, sometimes failing, and succeeding. We’ve been there. Now we’re there for you.

We love making ideas come to life.

Technology Strategy & Development

SCRATCHPAD's team has built applications, websites and mobile apps for a myriad of industries - from restaurants, to Fortune 500 companies. We're all veterans of our own startups and we have a lot of experience selecting the right platforms, and building solid teams.

Startup MVP

Have a great idea for a new product and looking for a team to help you launch it? SCRATCHPAD is there for you. We've been helping startups launch new products for years. Whether it's complex backend application, a SaaS platform, or mobile application, our team is ready for it.

Labs Team

Businesses must innovate to succeed. But your team and roadmap might not allow you to experiment


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